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2nd year
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PhDs Hall of Fame

Dr. Meng Jian (MS/PhD: Sep. 2010 – Dec. 2015)

Thesis Title: "Discriminative Structure Learning for Semantics Extraction from Images"
Beijing University of Technology (BJUT)
School of Electronic Engineering, Xidian University PhD
School of Science, Xidian University BS

Email: jianmeng648@163.com

Dr. Shengtao Yu (MS/PhD: Sep. 2012 – Dec. 2018)

Thesis Title: "Perception Motivated Depth Super-Resolution and HDR Video Compression"
Huawei Technologies
Electronic Engineering, Xidian University PhD
Electronic Engineering, Shandong University (Weihai) BS

Email: yushengtaobeyond@163.com

Dr. Haonan Su (MS/PhD: Sep. 2013 – Dec. 2018)

Thesis Title: "Perceptual Image Enhancement and Its Applications to Display Enhancement and Visual Surveillance"
Xidian University
Electronic Engineering, Xidian University PhD
Electronic Engineering, Xidian University BS

Email: suhaonan_love@163.com

Dr. Qingtao Fu (PhD: Mar. 2015 – Dec. 2019)

Thesis Title: "Perceptual Video Codingand Near-Infrared Color Recovery for Media Communications"
Huawei Technologies
Electronic Engineering, Xidian University PhD
Communication Engineering, Xidian University MS
Communication Engineering, Xidian University BS

Email: qingta0_fu@163.com

Dr. Inyong Yun (MS/PhD: Mar. 2013 – Feb. 2020)

Thesis Title: "Realization of Safe Driving Environment for Smart Vehicles using Vision Sensors"
Hana Institue of Technology
International Exchange Program, Xidian University (2014 - 2020)
Electronic Engineering, Sungkyunkwan University PhD
Ocean Engineering, Jeju University BS

Email: iyyun@skku.edu

Dr. Tian Sun (MS/PhD: Sep. 2009 – Aug. 2020)

Thesis Title: "Data Driven Image Domain Translation Using Representation and Deep Learning"
Xi'an University of Posts & Telecommunications (XUPT)
Electronic Engineering, Xidian University PhD
Electronic Engineering, Xidian University MS
Electronic Engineering, Xidian University BS

Email: sunday823009@hotmail.com

Dr. Yakun Chang (MS/PhD: Sep. 2015 – Dec. 2020)

Thesis Title: "Deep Learning Models for 2D Image Reflection Removal and 3D Point Cloud Analysis"
Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK)
Electronic Engineering, Xidian University PhD
Electronic Engineering, Xidian University BS

Email: : yakunchang@foxmail.com

Masters Hall of Fame

Graduate Year Name Thesis Title and Company
2012 Tian Sun Thesis Title: "Illumination Invariant Eye Detection in Facial Images Based on the Retinex Theory"
Bing Liu Thesis Title: "Convex Optimization and Kernel Learning Based Face Hallucination and Recognition"
Juan Liu Thesis Title: "Image Segmentation via Spectral Clustering with Manifold Structure and Kernel Propagation"
Hongtao Qi Thesis Title: "A Study on the Reduction of Compression and Specular Artifacts in2D and3D Images"
Yanbo Shen Thesis Title: "Towards Intelligent Information Retrieval:Ensemble Ranking SVM,Constraint Adaptive Propagation,and Interactive Image Retreval"
2013 Xiaohua Zhu Thesis Title: "2D to 3D Conversion in 3DTV Based on Hybrid Depth Cues and Depth-Image-Based Rendering"
Junwei Ju Thesis Title: "Towards Artifact-Free Image Reconstruction With Dictionary Learning And Nonlocal Operators"
Yanru Yang Thesis Title: "High Dynamic Range Imaging Via Tone Mapping And Exposure Fusion"
Shunan Shi Thesis Title: "The Reconstruction System For Highly Compressed Image"
博士生(Simon Fraser University)
Meng Jian Thesis Title: "Discriminative Structure Learning for Semantics Extraction from Images"
2014 Lei Wang Thesis Title: "Automatic 3D-TV Content Generation using Hybrid Depth Cues and Learning from Examples"
Liang Liu Thesis Title: "Content Aware Image Resizing Based on Visual Saliency and Seam Carving"
Aiguo Gu Thesis Title: "Content Adaptive Image Reconstruction Based on Human Visual Perception"
Ying Fang Thesis Title: "Natural Color Reproduction with Hybrid Tone Mapping and Perceptual Multi-exposure Fusion"
Shuai Wang Thesis Title: "A study on visual comfort prediction and enhancement for stereoscopic 3D images"
Zengzeng Sun Thesis Title: "Real-time Super-resolution and Stereoscopic View Generation with GPU/Multicore CPU Based Parallel Computing"
2015 Hongmin Liu Thesis Title: "A Study on Stereo-plus-Depth Imaging and Visual Comfort Enhancement for Stereoscopic 3D images"
Xiaoliang Tian Thesis Title: "Salient Region Detection for Natural Image and Its Applications"
Jianpeng Yin Thesis Title: "A Study on Illumination Normalization for Face Recognition based on the Retinex Theory"
Haozhen Lei Thesis Title: "Discontinuity-Preserving Stereo Matching with Occlusions and Illumination Variations"
Fei Xue Thesis Title: "A Study on Perceptual Stereoscopic Video Coding based on Disparity-based Just-Noticeable-Distortion Models"
Zengtao Xia Thesis Title: "A Study on Multi-exposure Image Fusion and Perceptual Backlight Scaling"
Xiaoke Wang Thesis Title: "A Study on Tone Mapping for High Dynamic Range Images and Its Application to Low Dynamic Range Displays and Backlight Scaling"
2016 Lihui Cao Thesis Title: "Image Fingerprinting and Steganography for Information Security on Internet"
Tingting Sun Thesis Title: "Perceptual Contrast Enhancement of Images (and Videos) using Human Visual System Characteristics"
Xufeng Chen Thesis Title: "A Study on Stereoscopic 3D Imaging System by Combining TOF and Stereo Cameras"
Yao Chen Thesis Title: "Perceptual Rate-Distortion Optimization for HEVC and H.264/AVC"
Peng Ke Thesis Title: "Computational Photography by Multi-exposure Fusion and Tone Mapping"
Jiji Cai Thesis Title: "Depth Propagation and Upsampling for 2D-to-3D Video Conversion"
Lu Wang Thesis Title: "A Study on Image Contrast Enhancement for Displays"
2017 Zhangping He Thesis Title: "A Study on Convolutional Neural Networks for Person Re-identification and Visual Tracking"
Qi Yang Thesis Title: "A Study of Image Denoising, Enhancement and Retrieval for Video Surveillance in Extremely Difficult Environment"
Ge Yang Thesis Title: "A study on high dynamic range and wide color gamut video compression in HEVC main 10 profile"
Xinran Wang Thesis Title: "Convolutional Neural Networks for Pedestrian Detection and Image Super-resolution"
Kaiqiang Xu Thesis Title: "A Study on Perceptually Inspired Contrast Enhancement of Images"
Qiaozhou Lin Thesis Title: "Perception Oriented HDR Video Coding with HEVC Main 10 Profile"
2018 Qiuxia Hou Thesis Title: "A Study on Light Field Depth Estimation and Super-Resolution Using Convolutional Neural Networks"
科大讯飞股份有限公司 (合肥)
Yiwei Wang Thesis Title: "A Study on Kinect-Based Hand Gesture Recognition and Image Stitching for Virtual Reality"
中兴通讯股份有限公司 (西安)
Miaobin Cen Thesis Title: "A Study on Object Tracking and Image Retrieval Using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks"
Baoliang Chen Thesis Title: "A Study on High Quality Depth Imaging Using Convolutional Neural Network and ToF/Stereo Data Fusion"
Long Yu Thesis Title: "A Study on Perceptually Optimized Enhancement and Denoising of Contrast and Color in Images"
2019 Zicheng Nian Thesis Title: "A Study on Light Field Image Super-Resolution, Multiexposure and Multispectral Image Fusion Using Convolutional Neural Networks"
Jun Sun Thesis Title: "A Study on Person Re-identification, Image Reflection Removal and Low Light Image Enhancement Using Convolutional Neural Networks"
Jiawei Feng Thesis Title: "Study on Image Deblocking,Multispectral Fusion and NIR Colorization Using Convolutioanl Networks"
Junxue Zheng Thesis Title: "A Study on Multimodal Multispectral Image Registration and Fusion Using Adaptive Weighted Total Variation"
2020 Kailong Zhou Thesis Title: "A Study on Depth Image Super-resolution and Multispectral Image Fusion Based on Multi-sensor Images"
大家 (上海)
Jie Liu Thesis Title: "Study on Lightweight Generative Network Architectures for Image Enhancement and Inpainting based on Attention"
Lin Mei Thesis Title: "A Study on Multispectural Fusion of Color and Near Infrared Images Based on Convolutional Neural Networks"
Ruodi Cao Thesis Title: "A Study on Multi-spectral Image Fusion and Single Image Super Resolution Based on Convolutional Neural Networks"
Shanmeng Shi Thesis Title: "Study on Human Behavior Understanding in Videos Based on Deep Metric Learning"
Zeming Wei Thesis Title: "Multispectral Registration and Fusion of RGB and NIR Images Using Deep Learning"
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