School introduction

School of Electronic Engineering, formerly known as Department of Radar Engineering, was founded in 1952 by two famous electronic experts, Prof. Junren Sun and Prof. Dexian Bi. It is one of the largest schools in Xidian University, and consists of five Departments (Electronic Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Detection Guidance, Information Technology and Telecommunication Engineering), six Institutes (Electronic Engineering, Antennas, Electronic Countermeasure, Electronic CAD, Pattern Recognition and Intelligent Information Processing), two National Key Laboratories (Radar Signal Processing, Antennas and Microwave Technology), and one National Instruction Base of Electrician & Electron. Currently, the total enrollment of the School is about 5261, including 3311 undergraduate students, 1500 Master candidates, and 450 Ph.D. candidates. The mission of the School is to produce the high quality graduates to serve the society, and to conduct leading-edge research.