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  Xuemei Xie      

   Ph.D.  H.K.U. 



   RM 710, New S&T Building,

   School of Electronic Engineering,

   Xidian University, Xi'an, 710071, China

   Email: xmxie@mail.xidian.edu.cn

   Tel: +86-29-88204453


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Dr. Xie  received her M. S. degree in Electronic Engineering from Xidian University in 1994, and Ph. D. degree in Electrical & Electronic Engineering from  the University of Hong Kong in 2004 (Supervisor Dr. S. C. Chan). She has published over 30 academic papers in international and national journals, and international conferences.


Research Interests

    Digital Signal Processing, Multirate Filter Banks, Wavelet Transform.


Selected Publications

    International Journals

    National Journals (English Version) 

  • Xuemei Xie, ¡°On the design of arbitrary-length perfect-reconstruction recombination nonuniform cosine-modulated filter banks,¡± Progress in Natural Science, vol. 17, no. 3, pp.340-345, Mar. 2007.

  • Xuemei Xie, Wei Zhong, and Guangming Shi, ¡°Analysis of PR and near-PR cosine-modulated filter-banks with odd and even numbers of channels,¡± Progress in Natural Science, vol. 16, no. 11, pp. 1198-1204, Nov. 2006.

  • Xuemei Xie and Guangming Shi, ¡°Low-delay tree-structured filter banks as adaptive frequency exciser for suppressing narrow-band interference,¡± Chinese Journal of Electronics, vol. 15, no. 3, pp. 500-503, July 2006.



    ¡°Multi-rate Filter-Bank, Wavelet and Applications¡± for postgraduate students.

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