• The second prize of Wenjun Wu Artificial Intelligence Innovation Award of China for ˇ°Fundamental Theories and Applications of Networked Evolutionary Optimization and Learningˇ±, The sole prizewinner, 2014.

  • The second prize of National Natural Science Award of China for ˇ°Fundamental Theories for Natural Intelligence based Learning and Optimizationˇ±, Ranked as the 3rd prizewinner, 2013.

  • The first prize of Science and Technology Award in Shaanxi, China for ˇ°Theories, Methods, and Applications of Evolutionary Computationˇ±, Ranked as the 3rd prizewinner, 2008.

  • My PhD thesis, namely ˇ°Coevolutionary Algorithms and Their Applicationsˇ±, won the Award of Shaanxi Province for Outstanding PhD Thesis in 2007.

  • New Century Excellent Talents program of the Ministry of Education of China, 2006.

  • Representative of the tenth National Women's Congress, Oct. 2008. (This is a nation-wide congress for selected outstanding women in various sectors, and is held every five years. I was the only delegate from the entire higher education sector from Shaanxi Province in 2008. I was also the first staff of Xidian University to attend this congress within the past 50 years.)

  • Top ten academic graduates of Xidian University in 2004

  • Scholarship of excellent graduate of Xidian University in each year from 1996 to 2004

  • The first prize of the 2nd Challenge Cup of Shaanxi, China (1999)

  • The excellent prize of the 6th Challenge Cup of China (1999).