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0222123: Multirate Filter Bank, Wavelet and Applications, Spring 2007



Chief Lecturer:

Prof.  Guangming Shi

Associate Prof. Xuemei Xie

Research Assistant Prof. Alfonso Fernandez-Vazquez

  Phone: 86+29+88201020



Level:  Postgraduate student


Figure: 4-channel cosine-modulated wavelet.



Course Description


Wavelet, as a popular analysis tool in signal processing, is closely related with the multirate filter banks, which is the fundament of signal processing.

The course mainly involves the theories of multirate filter banks (FBs) and wavelet, in addition, and their applications. It falls into two sections: FBs and wavelet. The first section begins with the design of filter, and then introduces the fundamental concepts, properties and theory of multirate FBs. Furthermore, several types of FBs, such as cosine-modulated FBs, linear phase FBs, time varying FBs, 2-dimmensional FBs, directional FBs, are analyzed. In the end of this section, the applications of FBs in communication are introduced. In the second section, some concepts, such as time-frequency analysis, multiresolution, frame, vanishing moment and smoothness, etc., are introduced to present the theory of wavelet. A cosine-modulation based method is given to design wavelet in succession. Some applications of wavelet are presented. Optimal deconvolution in density estimation and matching wavelet are introduced in the end.






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