A. Antennas & Related Topics

A1. Microstrip & Printed Antennas
A2. Active & Integrated Antennas
A3. Array Antennas, Phased Arrays and Feeding Circuits
A4. Small Antennas
A5. Adaptive & Smart Antennas
A6. Multi-Band/Wideband Antennas
A7. Wire & Slot Antennas
A8. Aperture Antennas & Feeds
A9. Millimeter Wave & Sub-Millimeter Wave Antennas
A10. Optical Technology in Antennas
A11. Antennas in Mobile Communication
A12. Antenna Measurements
A14. Reconfigurable Antennas & Arrays
A15. Reflector/Lens Antennas & Feeds
A16. Others

B. Propagation & Related Topics

B1. Mobile & Indoor Propagations
B2. Mobile Channel Characterization & Modeling
B3. Millimeter & Optical Wave Propagations
B4. Earth-Space & Terrestrial Propagations
B5. Radio Meteorology
B6. Remote Sensing
B7. SAR Polarimetry & Interferometry
B8. Tunnel Propagation
B9. Propagation in Ionized and Non-Ionized Media
B10. Radio Astronomy
B11. Ionospheric Modification
B12. Tropospheric, Stratospheric and Ionospheric Sounding
B13. Incoherent Scatter Radar & Observations
B14. Others

C. EM Theory & Related Topics

C1. Bioelectromagetics
C2. EM Fields in Complex Media
C3. Geo-electromagnetics
C4. Theoretical Electromagnetics & Analytical Methods
C5. Transient EM fields
C6. High-Frequency Techniques
C7. Nonlinear Electromagnetics
C8. Random Media & Rough Surfaces
C9. Waveguiding Structures
C10. Time-Domain Techniques
C11. Inverse Problems & Imaging
C12. Scattering, Diffraction, & RCS
C13. Metamaterials & Electromagnetic Bandgap Structures
C14. Measurement Techniques
C15. Nano-Electromagnetics
C16. Seismo-Electromagnetics
C17. Others

D. Computational Electromagnetics

D1. Integral Equation Methods
D2. Differential Equation Methods
D3. Hybrid Techniques
D4. Optimization Techniques for CEM
D5. Asymptotic & High-Frequency Techniques
D6. Low-Frequency Electromagnetics
D7. Computational Bioelectromagnetics
D8. Pre- & Post-Processing
D9. Nondestructive Techniques
D10. NEC Modeling & Analysis
D11. FEKO Modeling & Analysis
D12. CST Modeling & Analysis
D13. MEFiSTo Modeling & Analysis
D14. Object-Oriented Computational Electromagnetics
D15. Transmission-Line Theory
D16. Others

E. Electromagnetic Compatibility & Related Topics

E1. Probe & Sensor
E2. Absorbing Materials
E3. Test Chambers
E4. EMC Test & Measurement
E5. Coupling & Crosstalk
E6. EMC Standards
E7. EM Environment
E8. Automotive EMC
E9. EM Bioeffects
E10. EMC in Communications
E11. EMC in Power Engineering
E12. Lightning, ESD & EMP
E13. EMC in Computer & PCBs
E14. Shielding, Filtering & Grounding
E15. EMC in Microelectronics
E16. Immunity & Susceptibility
E17. Spectrum Management
E18. EMI Prediction Analysis & Reduction Technique
E19. EMC Education
E20. Others

F. Others

F1. High-Power Microwave Applications
F2. UWB & Impulse Applications
F3. Ubiquitous Network Systems
F4. Satellite Communication Systems
F5. Radio Technologies for Intelligent Transport Systems
F6. Subsurface Sensing
F8. Passive & Active Circuits
F9. Power Amplifiers, Linearization, & Active Component
F10. Millimeter Wave & Sub-Millimeter Wave Components, Circuits & Systems
F11. Signal Processing for Communications
F12. Advanced Process, Packaging & Integration Technologies
F13. 3D RF Technology
F14. Electromagnetic Materials
F15. Electromagnetic Environment Effects (E3)
F16. Earthquake Precursors & Monitoring
F17. THz Technology




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